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Cheeseburgers For PRs by Kim Bouton

Female train conductor: You are strong! I can tell…you have really athletic shoulders. What do you do? Me: Oh, thanks, I do CrossFit. FTC: I knew it! I want to get in shape. Me: Well, CrossFit will definitely help you get in shape and lose weight! FTC: No… I don’t want to lose weight, I …
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CrossFit Defined & Translated by SOAR, Part II

Read Part I HERE. CrossFit has 3 Fitness Standards. Understanding these Fitness Standards will give you a better idea on what CrossFit is all about and keep you focused on what is important: long term fitness. CrossFit’s First Fitness Standard There are ten recognized general physical skills. CrossFit believes that in order to be fit, …
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CrossFit Defined & Translated by SOAR, Part I

We all CrossFit. We talk about CrossFit, we post about CrossFit, but can you define CrossFit? How many times have your friends asked you what CrossFit is and you spew out a million different things and they look at you like, “what?” This is Part 1 of 4 (possibly 5) part series. Technically, CrossFit is …
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CrossFit Etiquette

All CrossFit boxes are centered around community, and CrossFit SOAR is no different- in fact, some will say we are among the best 🙂  It is a place to be social, hang out, make friends, enjoy each others company, and in general spend time with your gym family.  We have a ton of fun here …
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Remembering Beauty – by Nastaran Whitson

Yesterday, I went to my in-laws’ house (que the horror music) to help them move furniture. Both of my in-laws are well into their 60’s and unable to move well, let alone move other objects well. My father-in-law also has Parkinson’s disease which, 3 brain surgeries and multiple medications later, has left him on a walker and …
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The Snatch – 3 Mistakes Seen in CrossFit and How to Fix Them

The Snatch.  When done right, its a thing of beauty.  When done wrong, its a thing…well its just ugly…and frustrating…yet addicting.  Even though they are incredibly difficult, or maybe because they are, CrossFitters are addicted to the Snatch. Mistake #1:  Rushing the First Pull The first pull starts on the floor and finishes somewhere around …
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