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WODs – 6.18.18 to 6.24.18

MONDAY 6 rounds with a partner: 400m run Max meters on rower *one person running at a time *Score is time and meters rowed 4 rounds: L-Hold x 15s Curl-Ups x 10 with 5s hold at top 10 Push-Up T’s TUESDAY Slight incline BB Bench – 12 minutes to build to heavy 6, then 3 …
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WODs – 6.11.18 to 6.17.18

MONDAY 4 rds: 50 DUs 20/14 Cal Row 50 DUs Rest 4 Minutes between rounds. 3 – 4 rounds not for time: Max Stretch Push-Ups on KBs 15/15 Bent Over DB Row TUESDAY Power Snatch- 3 x 5 @70-75% Karabell 10 Rounds: 3 Power Snatches 145/95 15 Wallballs 20/14 WEDNESDAY 2 min on, 2 min …
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WODs – 5.28.18 to 6.3.18

FREE FIX YOUR OVERHEAD SEMINAR ON SATURDAY, JUNE 2ND FROM 10AM – 11AM.  Do you struggle to get your arms overhead, really overhead, not out in front? Does your lower back hurt or get tight when we press overhead a lot? Are overhead carries or barbell holds a nightmare for you? You need to come …
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WODs – 5.14.18 to 5.21.18

Free Fix Your Front Rack Seminar –  Thursday, May 17th from 6:30pm – 7:30pm Do your wrists hurt everytime we front squat or do cleans? Thrusters a nightmare? Do you not have pain but know your front rack position is garbage? This seminar is for you. We are going to spend 20 minutes completing assessments …
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Chiropractic and CrossFit

How Chiropractic care fits into our world at CrossFit SOAR. More Info Just Like This! Get Started at SOAR

Do You Need to Squat Heavy?

Is it necessary to do heavy back squats in order to get strong? More Info Just Like This! Get Started at SOAR


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