5e1d7d_5f8cf12aae0f4bb6a8ea9757a42b4c85There are a great deal of changes to the concept of pregnancy and birthing in 2016. Reformative practices and innovation have ushered in a new age for expectant women in the last few decades alone. Years ago, women relied heavily on close female relatives during this important event in their lives. There were villages that passed on traditions and practices that helped them overcome many of the obstacles that stood before them.

However, today things are different. The village is now broken up and limited due to distance, work and lack of time.  Thus, the support system that once stood strong has crumbled and women have started relying heavily on physicians. The view of childbirth has also started changing. Labor expectations, pain management and technology have become major factors in these changes. Overall, the control of childbirth has transferred from mother to doctor.

As a result, unfounded C-sections and other surgical interventions are occurring more frequently and beginning to slowly outweigh the occurrence of natural births. Quickly, the confidence and empowerment for a natural birth has started to deteriorate. During this transition, it has also become tabooed for women to continue to stay active during their pregnancy. The idea is that women who are expecting should be resting and remains at home passively awaiting the birth of their child. At least that’s what appears to be the new expectation.  Our high paced industrialized society has taken the soul out of pregnancy and childbirth and we need to take it back. We need to start repairing this broken system and restore the beauty of childbirth.

Nast and I are so excited to bring the BIRTHFIT wave to Jersey! We are bringing it to Hawthorne, New Jersey where it will flourish within the Crossfit SOAR Community. Crossfit SOAR Beyond Your Limits is like no other. Our coaches and athletes alike foster positive relationships that harbor a gentle, kind and accepting environment. What better place to start BIRTHFIT Hawthorne! We want to be your “village” and develop a sense of support within our community. Our main goal is to empower women by providing solid education and resources that will enable them to make informed decisions about childbirth and take control of what was always intended for our body to control naturally.

Come check us out! We will be having our BIRTHFIT Hawthorne GRAND OPENING: POWER HOUR on Saturday, March 26, 2016 at Crossfit SOAR. We invite anybody interested in the topic, all are welcome. We will be discussing the importance of BIRTHFIT in the tri-state area as well as our prenatal and postpartum series. Big things are happening… You do not want to miss it!

For more info on BIRTHFIT Hawthorne, visit www.birthfithawthorne.com or like them on Facebook.

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