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The Foundations program is where athletes-in-training go to learn the elements of CrossFit. All the major lifts and movements will be taught from scratch with an emphasis on technical proficiency. Basic homework assignments will also be assigned which will assist in your education and success within our Group Classes.  Every new person must start in Foundations or do 6 personal training sessions.  The classes start every 2 weeks.  You must complete 6 classes in a row on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night at 7:30pm.  The cost is $99.  If you miss a class, it must be made up with a one on one session with one of our trainers for $49 per session.  Please contact us if you have any questions.


Kids and Teens

Kids (5-12) – $75 for 2x per week

Teens(12-16) – $105 for 3x per week

10% discount for 2nd kid!



Unlimited – $160 per month

3x Per Week – $135 per month

10 Sessions – $160

3 Months Unlimited – $430

6 Months Unlimited – $800



10% Off – First Responders, Military (active and retired), nurses, police, fire, students and teachers.

25% Off- Couples living under the same roof.


We reserve the right to change our rates at any time with no notice.



Weekly Schedule

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