This year, Class Wars was epic.  We have never had so many members participate.  SOAR was packed.  Thank you to everyone who helped judge, set up and clean up.  By the time I began to clean up, everything was done!

Here are some of my favorite moments:

  • Sam and Frank falling after rowing.  They both attempted to run back to their teams, but found out that they lost control of their legs after rowing that hard.


    MVP Joanne

  • Connor doing 200 double-unders for his team.
  • The Coaches team struggling with single-unders.
  • Ian rowing at 2800 cal/hour!  If you don’t think that is fast, try it!
  • Multiple members diving to start burpees as fast as possible.
  • Aunt Fran never letting go of the bar during the deadlifts and bar hold.
  • Joanne being the only girl on her team so she had to stay in for 7 out of 9 minutes of the 3rd WOD.
  • 6am taking first place even though the only had 5 team members!

MVP Fran

Our Class Wars MVPs are Aunt Fran and Joanne!

The final results were as follows:

  1. 6am aka Burpees for Breakfast
  2. 5am aka The Early Risers
  3. 6:30pm aka The Green Machine
  4. 3:45pm aka Only Jesus Can Save You
  5. 7:30pm aka Flexible Healing
  6. 9:15am aka Help Us Jose
  7. 5:30pm aka It’s 5:30 Somewhere


    The winning team!

Special thanks to Lee for taking pictures at all of our SOAR events.  We will have a photo album up on our Facebook page as soon as we can!  If anyone else still has pictures, please send them to











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