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Class Wars 2015 Recap

This year, Class Wars was epic.  We have never had so many members participate.  SOAR was packed.  Thank you to everyone who helped judge, set up and clean up.  By the time I began to clean up, everything was done! Here are some of my favorite moments: Sam and Frank falling after rowing.  They both …
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Five Steps to Happier Running This Fall by Coach Nast

Whether you hit the beach this summer or hid in the AC, it’s time to switch gears, lace up those sneakers, and get ready for marathon season! Follow these 5 simple tips to help you better prepare for your training this fall: Find Other Crazy Running Friends Training for anything can be hard when you do …
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Getting Your First Strict Pull-Up with Coach Kim

When I first started CrossFit at SOAR, I was asked to write down three goals I was looking to accomplish by starting CrossFit. Other than better overall wellness and fitness, my number one goal was to get a strict pullup, and many newcomers to CrossFit have the same goal. An athlete my whole life, I …
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One Way to Fix the Straight Arm Snatch with Coach Kim from CrossFit SOAR

Coach Kim covers a simple drill that will help eliminate that straight arm pull in the Snatch.  This can be done with a pvc pipe, bar only, or with weight.  If you add weight, only go up in weight when you now your form is perfect.  As Coach Kim says, video yourself so you can …
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Make the CrossFit SOAR Community Strong

COMMUNITY:  a group of people living in the same place or having  a particular characteristic in common.  A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. The CrossFit community is very unique.  We are part of a global family.  No matter what country you are in, you can …
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Cheeseburgers For PRs by Kim Bouton

Female train conductor: You are strong! I can tell…you have really athletic shoulders. What do you do? Me: Oh, thanks, I do CrossFit. FTC: I knew it! I want to get in shape. Me: Well, CrossFit will definitely help you get in shape and lose weight! FTC: No… I don’t want to lose weight, I …
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