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Three Key Tips for Programming CrossFit + Running by Coach Nast

I have always been a runner at heart. Crazy, I know. So when I came upon CrossFit a few years ago, it was hard for me to let go of my running roots while I “fell in love” with this newfound and exciting form of fitness. Like most people who come through CrossFit SOAR’s Foundations …
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Weightlifting Tips: 3 Tips to a Better Snatch!

Coach Spencer with 3 tips for a better Snatch:  Foot Placement, Drop the Hips, Break the Bar. Foot Placement, CrossFit SOAR is a CrossFit Affiliate serving Bergen and Passaic Counties, including the towns of Fair Lawn, Glen Rock, Hawthorne, Paramus, Ridgewood and Wyckoff.   At SOAR, you will find an inclusive community offering more than …
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5 Common Mistakes with the Deadlift and How to Fix Them!

By Kris Sachanandani We all deadlift in one way or another every day.  Picking up groceries, kids, dropped keys, news paper, trash bags, etc… Here are some common mistakes that can easily be fixed to keep you safe and help you move more weight. Mistake 1  Bar is too far away in the set up.  You …
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The Village – By Jess Williams of BIRTHFIT Hawthorne

There are a great deal of changes to the concept of pregnancy and birthing in 2016. Reformative practices and innovation have ushered in a new age for expectant women in the last few decades alone. Years ago, women relied heavily on close female relatives during this important event in their lives. There were villages that …
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Class Wars 2015 Recap

This year, Class Wars was epic.  We have never had so many members participate.  SOAR was packed.  Thank you to everyone who helped judge, set up and clean up.  By the time I began to clean up, everything was done! Here are some of my favorite moments: Sam and Frank falling after rowing.  They both …
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Five Steps to Happier Running This Fall by Coach Nast

Whether you hit the beach this summer or hid in the AC, it’s time to switch gears, lace up those sneakers, and get ready for marathon season! Follow these 5 simple tips to help you better prepare for your training this fall: Find Other Crazy Running Friends Training for anything can be hard when you do …
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