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WODs – 8/21/17 to 8/27/17

Monday: 3 sets: 8 waiters squat left side at 75% 10rm Front Rack Step Up Rest 1 min 8 waiters squat right side at same weight 10 Groiners (slow mountain climbers) 5 Eccentric Ankle Dorsi Flexion EMOM x 10: 1 Snatch Deadlift  + 1 Hover Snatch Pull + 1 Hover Snatch AMRAP 9 Min: 3, …
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Are You Making These 5 Common But Costly Workout Mistakes

If you make it a habit to get in a workout the recommended 5 days a week – nice work! You’re already ahead of the curve. We all have very busy schedules, which makes it that much more important to be efficient with your workout routine. Don’t make these common mistakes when you hit the …
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WODs 8/14 – 8/20

Monday 1 Arm Shoulder Press, 3 x 6 @100% of weak sides 8-12RM. 3 x Max Strict HSPU or 3 x Max Seated DB Press resting 90s 3 rds: 400m 15 Power Clean and Push Jerks 115/75 50 DUs Tuesday 4rds of 45:15 Wallballs Pull-Ups V-Up Rest 3rds for QUALITY: 10 Rngs Rows at 4111 …
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WODs 8/7/17 – 8/13/17

Monday: Tabata Strict Chin-Up for total reps EMOM x 16: Odd: 1-5 Bar Muscle-Ups Even: 20 Alt DB Power Snatch 50/35 3 sets: Band Pull-Aparts x 20, Hammer Curl x 10 Tuesday: 15 min for Quality (start anywhere): Row 250m with Damper at 0 20s Bar Hang 10 one arm suit case deadlifts per arm …
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WODs – 7/31/17 to 8/6/2017

Monday 1 Arm Farmers Carry 80-120m for max weight in 2 sets. Nerve Flossing x 5 after every set 4 Rounds for time: 7 Power Snatch 135/95, Barbell Push-Up x 14, 21 sit-ups Tuesday BB Front Rack Alternating Reverse Lunge 3 x 12 at moderate to heavy weight. AMRAP 10 Minutes: 15 Air Squats, 10 …
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