What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a workout methodology based on constantly-varied high intensity movements that help everyday life. It works because your body is constantly adapting to new movements/stimulus to get the maximum effect out of each workout.

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How do I get started?

The best way to experience CrossFit SOAR is to join us for a FREE session. We invite you to visit our gym and participate in our Workout of the Day (WOD). At this session, you will be able to meet other members, get personalized training and experience CrossFit SOAR!

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What do you offer?

CrossFit SOAR offers Foundation sessions for beginners, sessions for intermediate & advanced CrossFitters, kids & teen sessions, as well as our own MetCon Mania Boot Camp. All classes are taught by dedicated coaches; at CrossFit SOAR you are never on your own.

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What sets your gym apart?

At CrossFit SOAR we check our egos at the door and provide a fun, supportive and energetic environment. All programs and classes are scalable, making it easy for anyone to participate from beginner to professional athlete. Our 5,000 sq ft gym has the tools you need to soar beyond your limits.

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What Our Members Think of Us!

"I love SOAR. I have been training at Soar for the past year and a half with no plans to move on. Great community!

Mike C   

"First time working out there and first time ever really competing. Everyone was super nice and made me feel like I'd been there for years!"

Nia T.   

"Through Crossfit SOAR I have learn that when I think I can't possibly go any harder or give any more, I can! With unlimited support and proper training I have pushed past limits I would never have otherwise. I absolutely recommend SOAR to anyone who want a real challenge with real results. I love Crossfit SOAR!!"

Silk C.   

"If I had to describe Crossfit Soar using one word it would be family. The group of people at Soar are extremely welcoming, encouraging, and push you to the limit. I only started going to Crossfit Soar in August, but it feels as though I have known everyone for a very long time."

Ashley-Rose S.   

"The coaches at SOAR are committed to making sure you do everything at your pace. Before I even start a "WOD" (Workout of the Day), they take the time to make sure I am lifting the appropriate amount of weight and completing any movements properly. They encourage me to challenge myself, but are also respectful of my limits."

Eric M   

"I have to say from all the local boxes, this one stands out for a couple of reasons. Like other people mentioned, the staff was very encouraging, friendly, and very helpful in fine-tuning your movements. The members are just as welcoming and the amount of positive energy in this particular box was just amazing."

Joe M   

"I have been training here for about a year and a half. My goal was to get in the best shape of my life, and that has happened. What I didn't expect was to be a part of such a phenomenal community of motivating and caring people. I would recommend CrosssFit SOAR to anyone interested in challenging themselves to take their fitness to a new level. Thanks Guys!"

Dave M